Interested in joining the Yes! Athletics Brand Ambassador program? 
We are seeking fearless women who are not only passionate about wrestling but also dedicated to breaking barriers and inspiring others. As a brand ambassador, you'll be part of a community that values the courage to step into the spotlight, the unwavering passion for the sport, and the physical and mental strength required to excel. Our wrestling shoes are designed to enhance performance, providing the support and comfort needed for athletes who fearlessly face the challenges of the mat. Join us in championing the spirit of resilience and determination that defines our brand, and let's together empower women and girls in wrestling to reach new heights.
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Yes! Athletics Brand Ambassador Program FAQ
Why join our program?


In our brand ambassador program, you’ll be connected with other 50+ girls and parents all across the country. We welcome everyone of all cultural identities, goals, paces, and experience in our team. We are a family! 🙂


Yes! Athletics have ins and outs to different coaches and teams across the country. With you being in our program, recruiters will be able to recognize you easier.


You have the opportunity to make money. You’ll also have access to free and discounted gear. And many more…


As you are in the program, you are nonetheless supporting girls wrestling and we are more than thankful.

What do we ask?
  • Loyalty to our brand, Yes! Athletics.

  • Connect with the girls and families within our community. We want to build it and relate to one another.

  • Engage with one another on Band App

  • Continue to spread awareness on girls’ wrestling

  • Have fun!

Are there any requirements to join our program?

We usually do not have any special requirements, however, there are some that must be addressed.

  • You must be active on social media before joining our program. It does not matter if you have 30 followers or 10,000 followers. As long as you’ve been posting.

  • You are not in any other competitor’s contracts.

  • You have appropriate social media. We have zero tolerance for any hate, discrimination, bullying, etc.

  • You are always welcomed. Whether you just started out, or have been wrestling for 10+ years.

  • Positive attitudes! We love to have fun, and so should you!

What are the membership terms?

When you are in, it’ll be a yearly membership. It will be automatically renewed unless either party says otherwise.