Our Story

YES! Athletics is a sporting goods company by women, for women.  

Born during a wrestling gear shopping trip with her youngest daughter Annie, Deb founded YES! Athletics to empower young female athletes by filling the gap in sporting goods for girls in sport.

Youth girls participating in traditionally male sports are both vulnerable and brave. Yes! Athletics supports this vulnerability and bravery with sporting goods in feminine styles and colors specifically designed and manufactured for girls with no size conversion needed.  Girls should not be limited in sports by limited options!

OUR MISSION: To empower young females to try sports they might not have previously considered by offering traditionally male sports gear in feminine styles and colors. Yes! Athletics helps females feel welcome and recognized. Offering shoes male athletes have traditionally worn in styles and colors appealing to female athletes, Yes! Athletics supports girls in sport. 

We believe in empowering girls to say YES! to scary and new things! 


Deb North is no stranger to assuming non-traditional roles. She became both Mom and Dad when she was widowed in 2010 with three daughters aged 8, 3 and 4 months old.   She assumed the roles with great passion, supporting the girls in many various sports throughout the years. Grace is a college track athlete. Rae plays volleyball, basketball, softball, and runs track. Annie plays softball, volleyball, wrestles, throws the shot put and throws the turbo javelin in track and field. Deb has owned the successful executive search firm True North Consulting since 2010. She launched YES! Athletics in 2019 to support girls in non-traditional sports.