Bring your attitude, style, and wild to the wrestling mat. The Beast youth, girls, and women’s wrestling shoe is breathable, lightweight, and eco-friendly. Loved by athletes across combat sports like MMA, boxing, and kickboxing, as well as powerlifters and general gym users. 


NEW VELCRO STRAP: The tongue has a Velcro pouch and a new strap to keep your shoestrings doubly secure. The Upper is made from microfiber suede that is durable and holds its form for years. There are 3 layers of mesh for a breathable shoe.


COMFORTABLE INSIDE: The hi-poly insole is incredibly comfortable and deodorizing.


NEW DOUBLE-STITCHED SOLE: Made from 100% anti-slip, hi-poly rubber for an advanced grip. These shoes are incredibly durable as the sole is glued and stitched on.


Sizes are listed as youth/women's sizes but can be worn by anyone! The drawstring backpack is included to keep your gym bag fresh!