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Beast Wrestling Shoes for Girls and Women

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Bring your attitude, style, and wild to the wrestling mat. The Beast youth, girls, and women’s wrestling shoe is breathable, lightweight, and eco-friendly. Loved by athletes across combat sports like MMA, boxing, and kickboxing, as well as powerlifters and general gym users. 


NEW VELCRO STRAP: The tongue has a Velcro pouch and a new strap to keep your shoestrings doubly secure. The Upper is made from microfiber suede that is durable and holds its form for years. There are 3 layers of mesh for a breathable shoe.

COMFORTABLE INSIDE: The hi-poly insole is incredibly comfortable and deodorizing.

NEW DOUBLE-STITCHED SOLE: Made from 100% anti-slip, hi-poly rubber for an advanced grip. These shoes are incredibly durable as the sole is glued and stitched on.

Sizes are listed as youth/women's sizes so you don't have to make the conversion! Our can be worn by anyone! The drawstring backpack is included to keep your gym bag fresh!

Girls Wrestling Shoe Size Chart

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Allison Nonorf
Best Shoes

We Love our YES shoes!!! We love that they support girl's wrestling like they do do!!!!

Jen Berezovske
Great shoes

2nd pair, 1st pair had stitching that came apart during a tournament. 2nd pair has been good, no problems.

douglas hicks
My daughter loves them

My daughter says they fit well and she loves them.


My daughter says they are comfortable and fit well

Brandi Good
Beast wrestling shoes

Can not express how much my daughter loves them. She loves the print. She swears they fit her wider feet better and so comfy.